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Getting Social Podcast

Mar 12, 2019

In this episode, Max discusses his deep devotion to Rubye his wife of 71 years. He brags about the hard work she contributed while building the house they still live in today. Devotion and respect for one another has allowed them to remain a team through all of life's adversity.


In this debut series of Getting Social, Adrienne Maples interviews her grandparents. Today they are both in their 90's and have remained devoted to one another for over 71 years. This series reveals the hard lives they've lived as the world around them changed.


Join Adrienne & Aundrea as they explore a new form of storytelling. Explore life, love and learning through conversations with others. Featuring interviews with local Kansas City creatives. Follow along and contact us via www.gettingsocialpodcast if you'd like to be part of the conversation!